Our calling is to build a community who can touch their generation by making a difference in people’s lives we aim to accomplish this by touching one person at a time; we believe a healthy community makes a healthy nation.

Our project starts from the individual in a locality and stems out to the nations as a whole and creates networks which go beyond many barriers internationally.

Our project deals with children, young people, women, men, the elderly and the disabled. The categories are:

1. Health and fitness

2. Self development

3. Cultural interest building our heritage

4. Education

5. Environmental change

6. Education and training

7. Advocacy and human rights

8. Homelessness

9. Talents, mentors and entertainments

10. Good news and media research and broadcast

11. Wholeness and care.

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Our project promotes health and fitness by exciting programs like indoor table tennis for the youth during the winter season which attracts many of the young ones who are on the streets and are vulnerable and gets them into gangs and get themselves involved with street fights and guns. Our free sessions keep them busy and make them have fun while others play ice hockey and pools with TV session. We also run a football club which attracts most of the young people; this gives them a disciplined life as they keep fit and healthy as well. We also work will with the council to use the tennis facilities out doors for those interested in tennis. There are sessions for middle aged groups and older people as well to keep fit all year with the table tennis. We also run every Saturday women keep fit classes which have made so much difference in the community. Our mini gym has attracted both young boys and men as well on most Sundays afternoons.

In addition to the fitness club we run different seminars on health awareness, both in women and men’s health. We also work with inter faith communities helping people with HIV/AIDS and running programs with the Brent and Harrow community projects to bring the awareness. Health and nutrition program has made so much difference in black people who suffer from high blood pressure due to the nature of food in the community. We aim at researching into the proper proportion on ingredients in most Caribbean and African food to educate the community so that the food can be enjoyed without other side effects.

We also aim at investigating and research into African herbal medication from its preparation to finish in other to help proper dosage in the community. We also aim at bridging the gap between the faith community leaders and medicine and where appropriate the advice their community to see health specialist without affecting their faith.


We are very proud of our efforts in getting both the young and the old to be educated to higher education and made a good career for them. Our self development program has led a number of our youth to embark on higher education and come out as producers. We have a number of adult over thirties who through our program has advanced themselves in higher education are in different professions. Our Saturday subsidised school offer key stage 1 to key stage 3 builds and helps the community to achieve success in education due to limited resources and fund our adult education plans are suspended at present.

Our career advice department encourages those with creative abilities to source out short courses to open avenues for employments. We also run music training for those who wants to be musicians by playing musical instruments like the drums, guitar, keyboard and the bass guitar. These areas needs input for funds to enable us reach our ultimate goals. As part of our education and training program we are on the verge of opening a nursery with subsidised fees to enable mothers to return to education and work.


Our project realises that due to different information passed on from different generation most people from the ethnic minority groups turns to give up in life and decides to let go of life and person improvement.

Our project targets these groups and make sure we access the proper information to them and bring enlightenment to these community. We highlight the fact that as individuals we can become better once we decide to do so. We use systems that can access information for self development and the open opportunities for all individuals. We turn to allocate personal mentors who spend time on various individuals to get them to the point that they can make the choice of advancing through. This project aims to get the individuals to have a self motivation and decide to improve themselves in either literacy training, education or getting back to work. We believe as many as in this community who improves themselves helps to fight crime, fraud, homelessness, unemployment and goes all the way to improve the economy. The best of all is they will pass on better information to their next generation. One of our pilot programs has proven to be successful when we have physically given some west Indian Caribbean young children, middle aged and older people to visit some African countries to find out some new information’s which turn to make great changes. Our self development program will need funding to help the community grow.


This project has become very popular with much interest due to the fact that most of the people in the ethnic minority group finds themselves discriminated against due to the lack of knowledge. Our advocacy department opens a surgery once a week to deal with situations which leads most families into homelessness divided families due to immigration issues, car driving offenses and unnecessary charges due to the lack of knowledge of the law. We have trained solicitors who work in citizen’s advice bureau to help our community to have justice. Our small scale advocacy, we have manage to save families from being homeless by negotiating with various finance companies, helped them by directing them to the right places where they get help. Some families are not aware of their rights to tax credits, council tax, child benefits, and disability allowances even when they qualify. Our advocacy departments deal with situation of this kind.

We also work with the police to help young people know the law on issue to do with crime by having workshops and seminars with question and answer times. We also run a confidential sessions for immigrants to regularise their status when possible we work with the MPs and counsellor to achieve the best results.


As part of self development we realise bringing back certain cultures and highlight them in a multi cultural environment like ours bring so much respect and appreciation to different cultures. It educates people of other cultures to accept everyone and make young people think broadly. This part of the project has created good interaction between young people

from different backgrounds and by understanding the different culture we are able to reduce racism, bullying and encourage confidence among young people and even older people. Our cultural and heritage concerts attract so many different cultures which is brining parent and the modern child together due to knowing the root of their heritage.


Our youth centre discovers talented young people who are either inclined with beauty and fashion, drama, singing, dancing, poetry, comedy, DJ, and various forms of entertainment. Our mentoring program encourages these young people to advance their talents by giving the opportunity to have workshops which relates to their area of talents. We use one Friday night to invite other young people to have a good nigh of entertainment where these talents are used to practice and enhance their ability to perform.

The mentor source out the materials and resources to help these young people. The talents program helps other young people to open up themselves to help and it keeps them out of troubles related to night clubs. Our project gives them a nice night of entertainment in a right environment. It also helps these young people to appreciate each other. When they perform it boost their confidence and moral which helps builds towards a wonderful community in the future.


We are now running a pilot program on green promotion in the community. Our specialist has built an inter faith data base on cars and their MOT due dates. We work with some garages in Brent to ensure that cars whose emission goes past some levels are advised to do adjustments to save the environment. We also send a month reminders to the people in the community to have their MOT done. In this promotion we are able to get people fill in a questionnaire which gives us information on their length of travel and the means they use. The side attraction is the arrangement with the garage to do a discount MOT; those who qualify are those who fill in our questionnaires. This helps us to advise driver on many different ways they can travel to save the environment. Recently any organisation recommended from the council planners approached us to fund us to train people how to ride bicycles to cut down or driving but the organisation has ceased from giving grants for that purpose even though we had a good response.


This project is in itself a big project which needs so much input and commitment. As part of building the community we intend to promote all the wonderful and successful projects

which happen within the borough. This project finds that media is a very powerful tool to either build or destroy. We all know that most of our news media either the paper, the radio, the internet or TV portray more bad news than good news. Our research and findings suggests that bad news build a community of fear, worry, health issues, homelessness, unemployment and also causes economy problems. This project is one of its kinds, which will use all the media possibilities to highlight all the good things which happen around us. The project will find our successful projects in our communities by research, interviews, and questionnaires and make sure that the common person will know. We believe there is more good news than bad news but most people do not get to know. When people get to know how well things are happening in a borough, it gives the people hope and commitment to face the future. Our good news media will make sue that the good works by our MPs, counsellors, directors will be circulated everywhere for the layman to understand. When people hear good news it energises them to work hard, fear and stress is eliminated, appreciation for the leaders in position becomes better which leads the people to work hard and increase output. 

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